What's the overall value of using Retail Services?

Reducing operating expenses, improving vendor partnerships and implementing a resilient supply chain matters more than ever. Watch as our very own LeRoi Cochran and Frank Novotny discuss.

Improve Your Total Cost of Ownership

LeRoi Cochran: One of the things that our retail partners care a lot about is total cost of ownership. And what that really means is reviewing not just the labor expense but also their overall spend related to pallet purchases, in addition to the rebates generated from the sale of surplus reusable pallets. And so the overall combination of those three categories, when combined into an overall total cost perspective, really helps evaluate what makes sense, what programs work best within that environment.

Get Retail Services

Frank Novotny: Clearly, some of the benefits of the pallet program is, one, increased visibility of what is coming in and out of the DC. As a direct result, you're going to decrease the expense of pallet purchases. You're going to increase the revenue from cores going out. And, again, the visibility of the numbers and the accuracy of the numbers.

We work with so many people right now that want to ask questions. And first thing is, we're gathering data on your current volumes. And nobody seems to really know that, or have a good, accurate idea of that. So with our systems, with PalTrax, you can dial in and you get an exact number of inflow, outflow, credits, how many you're sorting a day, per week, per month. You get complete visibility of your program.

LeRoi Cochran: I would say that, a great way to know is to engage in a conversation. We can ask a lot of really good questions to help point to whether [Retail Services] is an opportunity.

But anytime you see expensive pallet purchases, particularly in a retail environment, that points to potential opportunity. If you're consuming too much dock space where you have doors tied up, if you have struggles with communication and just a lack of visibility to your pallet program, those are all good indicators.

But we're happy to help with that process and if you see any of those things and really refining it to what the true opportunity looks like.

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