Making The Switch to Recycled Pallets

Making The Switch to Recycled Pallets

    Besides saving money and potentially improving your pallet performance, there are additional factors to consider if you're thinking about switching from new to recycled pallets. The right supplier is based on your needs and how well the supplier’s capabilities align. Here's how to make an informed decision when selecting a recycled pallet supplier.


    Consider the savings

    When a company has exclusively used new pallets, it can be hard making the switch to recycled pallets. But with lumber prices soaring, more and more companies are considering it.

    Quick tips:

    • If you’re unwilling to swallow margin erosion related to necessities like pallets, consider replacing your new pallets for recycled pallets. You can cut your cost per pallet in half without sacrificing performance.
    • There is very little difference in the integrity and performance of a new and recycled pallet.
    • A recycled pallet is harder and lighter in weight because its components have less moisture. Less weight = lower freight.
    • It’s not necessary to use new pallets for export outside the US. There are recycled pallet options.
    • Many companies in the food and pharmaceutical industry use recycled pallets and enjoy significant cost savings. (Recycled pallets are half of the cost of new.)


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    Understand your pallet needs

    It's important to have a clear understanding of your pallet needs, especially if your company has used the same spec of pallet for years. Though there's a lot to consider, it's better to work through this questionnaire and complete your due diligence before making any substantive changes regarding pallets. 

    Quick tips:

    • Do you know how much pallets affect your overall product costs in comparison to your competition? Will cheaper recycled pallets give you a competitive edge?
    • Use our 10-point questionnaire to assess your pallet needs


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    Know what to look for in a supplier

    select recycled pallet supplier

    Switching from new to recycled pallets gives you the opportunity to evaluate the pallets you're currently using and determine if they’re the right ones for the job. That said, there are literally hundreds of suppliers of recycled pallets and just like snowflakes, each one is different. The right supplier is based on your needs and how well the supplier’s capabilities align. 

    Quick tips:

    • Consider if the potential supplier has the expertise and resources to evaluate your pallet requirements.
    • Make sure the supplier has the capacity to keep you supplied. 
    • Use our 5-point checklist to assess potential recycled pallet suppliers.


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