Asset-based Pallet Provider: Innovative Technology [VIDEO]

See how to make your operations efficient, effective and accessible 24/7 using our custom pallet management technology .

What kind of technology can 48forty bring to my operation?

Over the years we've worked with our technology teams and our customers to find out what their growing needs are and help our IT team develop tools to meet those new demands. Our customers want to know what a pallet person’s perspective is. Our company's perspective is on their pallet program.

So now we're able to provide more detailed analysis, and we're also able to serve many other customers within their organization, such as:

  • Finance team with financial analysis
  • Sustainability team
  • Operations team to help forecast demand
  • Help local facility management create budgets

What makes PalTrax such a powerful tool?

Well, using the PalTrax system and being able to access more than just raw data, they're able to see facility by facility, all the different pallet movements, supply chain impacts, and get complete transparency into every single transaction. Such as pallets that are being shipped out for credit, every single BOL, proof of deliveries that can be printed online and so many other different aspects of our program.

We're completely transparent. There's nothing that my customer can't access that I can access.

Well, especially in these times that we're experiencing now with COVID-19 and other things, so many of our customers are now working from home. This tool, and the depth at which they can use it and bring data out and analysis out makes their job so much easier, again, working from home.

And we've even enhanced the tool to give mobility when folks from corporate are visiting their distribution centers, or if its management walking out of the dock, the access is as close as their fingertips. They can pull out their cellular phones and access the very same data, even in a meeting if there's a question that comes up and they haven't prepared for it, we'll give them access and they can answer those questions very quickly.

Some other benefits of the access portal PalTrax to our customers is when they're reaching out to us to place orders or track shipments, they're looking at our company assets being moved to supply them and service their needs.

The fact that we own our own transportation and run our own facilities with our own employees, that data is immediately entered into our system, and just as quickly accessible to all the folks in the organization at our customer's place.

As the largest pallet management services company in North America, 48forty is excited about the increasing role technology plays in the value delivered to our customers. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help streamline your operation, request a quote or give us a call at 1-877-779-8577. (And if you're a current customer not on PalTrax yet, sign up here.)

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