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48forty means national capabilities with local know-how, end-to-end pallet solutions, and a better customer experience. We’re Pallet Management Made Simple™.

48forty Solutions Acquires Taylor Pallets & Recycling

We are excited to continue to grow our network and deliver more comprehensive solutions for our customers across North America.

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National capabilities, local know-how.

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End-to-end pallet solutions

Simplify your operations with one provider that can handle all your needs. From nationwide pallet supply and retrieval to new and custom pallets, recycled pallets, and on-site services, let us be your one-stop shop.

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How to Prepare for Seasonal Demand

As Q4 quickly approaches, Director of Strategic Accounts Mark Hicks shares what businesses should expect in the coming months and how 48forty is uniquely positioned to leverage the data and insights customers need to prepare. Watch the video to learn more.
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