FY2023 Sustainability Report

With such a critical role to play in every nation's supply chain practices, pallets should be managed responsibly, with sustainable business practices underpinning the management structure that supports wood pallet transportation and production. See how we do it.

The 4 Cornerstones of Our Sustainability Program

1. Training to Succeed

We believe that an informed workforce is an engaged workforce. From our forklift drivers to our finance experts, we are committed to training and educating our employees to foster their growth and development.

2. Understanding our Footprint

We began documenting our carbon emissions, electing to partner with a globally-focused third party carbon strategist to calculate our carbon footprint and develop 48forty's Climate Action Plan.

3. Keeping People Safe

Our dedication to safety not only protects our employees from harm but also enhances overall operational efficiency, reducing downtime and fostering a workplace where everyone can thrive.

4. Efficiently Managing Pallets

We extend our wood materials' carbon sequestering lifecycle for as long as possible - meaning reusing wood as a building material and reintroducing the material back into the supply chain.

pallet corner

Conservation Through Reuse

48forty manages over 500 million pallets every year. Our pallet management process keeps valuable shipping materials out of landfills. This process promotes circularity, creating environmental benefits for the supply chain industry.

pallets managed
trees conserved
tons waste diverted from landfills

“At 48forty Solutions, responsible business practices are at the core of all we do. As the largest pallet management services company in North America, we understand that our impact extends far beyond the realm of pallet management. It encompasses the communities we serve, the environment we operate in, and the values we uphold.”

Mike Hachtman, Chief Executive Officer

Download Our Sustainability Report

We strive to integrate sustainability into every facet of our operations. This report not only outlines our achievements in responsible business practices but also serves as a roadmap for our continued commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic resilience.

48forty FY 23 Sustainability Report