3 Ways an Asset-based Pallet Supplier Benefits your Business

    Sure, receiving goods on pallets is a lot easier than unloading trucks one item at a time. But once they’re unloaded and cluttering up your back room or loading dock, it’s easy to forget that we wouldn’t have the modern global trading economy without them.

    The thing is, most organizations are not managing their pallet program effectively. Work with an asset-based pallet recycler and you’ll see the difference.

    An asset-based pallet supplier owns all or most of the assets – warehouses, trucks, distribution centers, pallets – necessary to support a customer’s supply chain. This means more control over supply, quality, and service.


    Control & Accountability

    We take care of pallet management so you don’t have to.

    48forty Solutions is an asset-based pallet supplier, which means we’re dedicated to having 100% control over our company and the services we provide. Pallets are our most important strategic asset. Because we own our pallets (instead of renting or getting them from a pallet pool), we can have pallets ready when you need them (even when there are spikes in demand).

    If you’re a warehouse manager, your main job is to get products off the pallets and stocked in the right place. If you’re a grocery store manager, your main job is to get products off the pallets and onto the sales floor so they can be sold. (And, for a lot of products, that also involves paying attention to temperatures and expiration dates.) Either way, pallets are a means to an end.

    But once you’ve achieved that end, then what? Managing pallets can take a lot of time and energy – not to mention space. Maybe you’re doing the best you can but know you’d be better off focusing on something else. Or maybe you’re letting them pile up because your job is to run a distribution center, a grocery store, or some other retail operation, and you just don’t have the time or the payroll hours.

    Pallets are our core business.

    That’s not the case for us. Pallets are our core business. If you need pallets, we get them to you right on time. If you’ve got pallets taking up needed space, we take them off your hands. 

    As a full-service pallet management company, we provide end-to-end pallet solutions, which means we take care of all of the steps in between delivering or picking up your pallets. From pallet supply to retrieval, onsite services, reverse logistics, and retail services, we’ve got it covered. And because your operation is being handled correctly by industry professionals, we can turn your pallets into a strategic asset rather than a cost center. 100% control over our operations translates into maximum efficiency and exceptional customer service for your business.


    Maximum Efficiency

    What you can stop doing when you work with an asset-based pallet management company:

    • You can stop stumbling around that big pile of pallets taking up space on your loading dock or in your backroom. Instead, enjoy organized pallets and plenty of room for maneuvering your machinery.
    • Distribution centers can stop being in the position of having the goods a customer needs but having no pallets to get them there, something that can incur late-delivery penalties.
    • Grocers who receive multiple deliveries a day – each with its own load of pallets – can stop trying to figure out how to make room for the next delivery.
    • Employees can stop spending their valuable time sorting pallets, so that pallets of different sizes and conditions aren’t mixed in with GMA pallets.
    • Employees can stop trying to repair broken pallets because you need them back in inventory right away.
    • Employees with no experience in logistics can stop trying to figure out how to cram a bunch of different pallets into a trailer.
    • Distribution center managers can stop wishing they had solid data and someone who could help them figure out a way to do things more efficiently.


    Service & Quality

    48forty Solutions can make it happen.

    There are a number of pallet management companies out there, and some might even have a degree of control over their wooden pallet supply or fleet. But here’s how we make pallet management simple:

    We come to you. We sort and repair your pallets onsite. If you’ve got too many and need us to send some back, we figure out the best way to optimize truck space.

    We even provide a dedicated 48forty manager to oversee all aspects of your pallet operation. We hire and train employees and ensure compliance with safety regulations (yours and ours), as well as provide the additional assurance of our own industry-leading quality management system.

    By using only recycled pallets, we can help your company meet its environmental goals. (Even when a pallet has reached the end of its lifespan, we find other uses such as grinding the wood so that it can be used in other products.)

    Because we own all of our own assets, including our private fleet of tractors and trailers across the country, we’re both accountable and flexible. You’ll never have to worry that we won’t have the resources to get there on time. And if your business needs  – like a spike in volume – change quickly, we can change right along with you.

    We love data, and we want to help you love it, too. The more we work with you, and the more we learn about your business operations, the more we’re able to help you spot both inefficiencies and opportunities in your workflows.

    We’ve seen the inaccuracies that exist in our industry, and we’ve made investments to solve for them. We use tools like e-signature and our industry-leading customer portal, PalTrax. PalTrax captures every point of interaction: original orders, bills of lading, invoices, payments, and even detailed reports that show a history of our work together. You can even see records of the cores we’ve purchased from you.

    We’re in the pallet business; it’s what we do best. And we want you to do what you do best instead of worrying about pallets.

    48forty is the largest asset-based pallet recycling company in North America. We can help you optimize your pallet program and make operational improvements that benefit your entire business. Get in touch to learn more.