Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Beverage Pallet Supplier

When it comes to choosing a pallet supplier, businesses in the beverage industry need to carefully evaluate a number of factors. At 48forty, our expertise and dedication to our customers ensure that beverage companies can maintain the highest standards of production and delivery for their products nationwide. Whether it's selecting the right pallet size, considering sustainability, or addressing the specific needs of the beverage industry, 48forty provides exceptional support to help businesses thrive in this competitive beverage market.

Evaluating Your Pallet Needs: The Beverage Industry


Incorrect beverage pallet sizes in the beverage industry can result in unstable stacking and improper weight distribution, which increases the risk of products being damaged in transportation. This can lead to leaks and spills, ultimately compromising product quality and potentially causing financial losses. The beverage industry utilizes a range of pallet sizes for shipping, including standard 48”x40” pallets and customized options. At 48forty, we work with some of the nation’s largest beverage companies and provide them with custom sized pallets, including 36”x36” and 37”x42” pallets. We use Pallet Design System (PDS) software to create the designs for the pallets before they go into production with our customers. This ensures that the pallet design is suitable for the client's industry-specific requirements, including load capacity, stacking, handling, and shipping.


Wooden pallets offer strong durability, making them a reliable choice for companies in the beverage industry. These pallets can handle the demanding needs of the industry and hold up to 4,600 pounds per load. This means that they can support a large number of beverage products, whether they are packaged in bottles, cans, or other containers. Wooden pallets also allow for repeated use and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring longevity and cost-effectiveness.


Heat-treated wooden pallets are an excellent choice for beverage industry companies seeking reliable and pest-resistant packaging solutions. These pallets undergo a heat treatment process that eliminates any insects, larvae, or eggs present in the wood. This treatment ensures that the pallets are free from potential infestations and guarantees the quality of the beverage products during transportation and storage. While heat-treated pallets may appear slightly weathered or show signs of previous use, they are able to withstand the rigors of the supply chain.

Beverages on pallets in a warehouse

Selecting a Pallet Supplier: What to Look for


Having pallets readily accessible is crucial for businesses in the beverage industry. With tight production schedules that demand quick turnarounds, easy access to pallets can help minimize downtime. A reliable pallet supplier with a large inventory can quickly respond to unexpected increases in demand, such as seasonal spikes or promotional campaigns. This availability also allows companies to optimize their inventory management, ensuring they have the right number of pallets on hand without tying up excessive capital.

Industry Experience

A company's selected pallet provider should have thorough market knowledge in regards to raw materials, design capabilities, and additional value services. These may include handling scrap, recovery processes, heat treating, mold dipping, and vertical integration — all of which can greatly improve functionality and cost savings for customers. Overall, customers in the beverage industry should be asking themselves what else the pallet management provider can do for them in addition to supplying pallets.

Reliable Automation

Having a pallet supplier with automation capabilities can be a game-changer for companies in the beverage industry. Automation ensures consistent and reliable pallet production, reducing the risk of human errors and ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained. This is especially important in the beverage industry, where products are often fragile and prone to damage during transportation. Automated systems also streamline the pallet manufacturing process, allowing for faster turnaround times and improved efficiency. This means that beverage companies can receive their pallet orders promptly, and minimize disruptions in their supply chain.

Sustainability Practices

In the beverage industry, it is important for companies to prioritize partnering with a pallet provider who is committed to sustainability. By aligning with a pallet provider that prioritizes emissions reduction and recycling of pallets, companies in the beverage industry can directly impact their own environmental footprint.

Why 48forty Solutions?

As the largest pallet company in North America, we provide customers with custom pallet solutions from coast to coast. With a national network of more than 275 facilities, you can be sure you’ll have the right pallet when and where you need it.


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