How does Retail Services benefit my operation? [VIDEO]

There are many advantages of implementing retail services. Enjoy a highly skilled team, reduced risk and labor costs, as well as better visibility and communications. Watch and learn firsthand from our very own LeRoi Cochran and Frank Novotny.

How does retail services benefit my operation?

LeRoi Cochran: It starts with that good site assessment, being able to take a look at the existing operations and figure out what can be customized, what can be adjusted to drive good value. And that ultimately establishes the good design of the program.

[Retail services are hyper-personalized pallet management solutions. Our recent video explains what's involved.]

What sets 48forty's retail services program apart from others?

Frank Novotny: Of course, one of the major components with any onsite program is the labor. It's the leadership locally. And that's again, part of the customized program. We first start off with understanding what the background check requirements, UAs, anything that's required with a particular customer. We will meet or exceed those particular requirements coming in to make sure we have the right people coming in to work within that operation.Again, we're within the customer's business. So we need to uphold all of our policies, as well as the customer's policies.

LeRoi Cochran: One of the things that the team's recently created is a vendor compliance audit program, which has proved very popular and very successful, whereby our teams that are onsite review the inbound pallets that are coming from our retail partners' suppliers to confirm that they comply with their stated specifications.

And that's a great way to understand which suppliers are shipping in on the proper pallets and ultimately a great way to reduce costs by being able to reuse pallets more frequently.

What specifically does retail services bring to my operation?

LeRoi Cochran: If I were summing up the big three benefits is, is first you have a highly skilled team. So you have good people, well-trained, customized solutions to your operations. And then with that comes reduced risk and from a labor standpoint, reduced costs, and then ultimately better visibility and better communications.

There are many ways that 48forty's retail services can improve your operation and your cost position. Request a quote or give us a call at 1-877-779-8577 to get started. 

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