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What Are Retail Services? [VIDEO]

Not sure how to maximize the value of your pallet program? You may need a customized solution like retail services. Our Vice President of Supply Chain, LeRoi Cochran, and Director of Retail Services, Frank Novotny, share what you can expect from retail services here at 48forty.

What are Retail Services?

True pallet management is more than just the pallets. Many companies find they need a customized solution to realize the full value of their pallet use. Retail services are hyper-personalized pallet management solutions that fit the unique scope and needs of a business, keep distribution center operations running efficiently, and bring value to both retailers and manufacturers by improving their cost position.

LeRoi Cochran: So we own and operate facilities around the country and they provide collection services, picking up broken surplus, reusable pallets, and also delivering pallets. And the compliment with retail services is that we put our employees onsite, within our retailer's facilities to provide extensive services that can help them reduce costs, both in labor and pallet purchases, and ultimately increase their overall value of their pallet program.

Frank Novotny: Again, it's a very customized program. We can do many different functions based on the need of the customer. So we'll initially start with a site visit, meetings, understanding the needs and opportunities that they're looking for, and then present the options.

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It can be as simple color sort operation, whether it's a white wood pallet, a blue pooled, red pooled, anything like that, we can sort to grade, give the customer back the good pallets for reuse. We can help them do repairs onsite to mitigate purchases and add to that value. So it's a very customized thing.

It's not just the pallets even, the total pallet program, we can bring back pallets within the DC back to the area. We can perform janitorial services, we can do trailer stripping, just anything that tends to work, where we can displace maybe a lower labor point for the customer and managing within the program. Those are just part of the savings that we can come to the table with.

What we bring as a value-add is a team that has extensive experience with the world's biggest retailers, as well as those small individual retail customers, as well as manufacturing customers, that we can take the best practices from all of those facilities and incorporate them into our programs.

LeRoi Cochran: But ultimately it's around customization so that we take those best practices, but we also pay attention closely to what the specific customer requires and where their opportunity points us.

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As the largest pallet management services company in North America, 48forty is excited about helping customers realize the full value of their pallet program. We can evaluate your current operation and identify specific improvements. Oftentimes, we find there is plenty of hidden value waiting to be unlocked. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help your operation, request a quote or give us a call at 1-877-779-8577. 

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