4 Reasons Your Business Should Use Recycled Pallets

Lowering costs and minimizing environmental impact is at the top of the list for many (if not all) businesses this year. If success is in the details, there’s no better place to look than your supply chain. Here are four proven reasons to consider using recycled white wood pallets.

1) Recycled Pallets Lower Your Costs without Sacrificing Performance. 

Even when lumber prices aren’t overwhelmingly high recycled pallets can cost half as much as new pallets. While you may be thinking, “true, but do they perform as well?” The truth is, there is little to no difference in the integrity and performance between new and recycled pallets. The other area you’ll see savings is in freight costs. Recycled pallets have less moisture, which makes them harder and lighter, and with lighter loads comes lower costs. Furthermore, any recycled pallet showing signs of wear and tear are pulled from circulation and repaired to guarantee a longer, higher-performing lifecycle. Additional insight on how recycled pallets have the potential to lower costs can be found here.

2) Recycled Pallets Can be Tailored to Your Needs.

When we think about recycled products, all too often the phrase “as-is” comes to mind. Wear and tear. No customization. Questionable reliability. In our approach, this thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. With limitless access to scrap wood and skilled craftsman, we’re able to remanufacture custom pallets to meet unique needs or requirements. Our process begins by understanding your specific product and industry standards and results in recycled pallets designed and built to do the job well through multiple uses. 

[Do you know how much pallets affect your overall product costs?  See how making the switch to recycled pallets can give your business a competitive edge here.] 

3) Recycled Pallets are Held to Stringent Build and Repair Standards.

Pallet performance should not be a core focus of your day. To support the longevity of our recycled pallets, we developed a thorough Quality Management System (QMS). Every recycled pallet put into your operation is entered into the system and can be tracked at any time. Our QMS can trace every pallet to its origin and builder, document every specification, ensure repair standards are upheld and trigger immediate action when performance is jeopardized. 

Ultimately, we proactively seek solutions to take the work and worry out of managing your pallet needs. This means you can concentrate on other areas of your operation. When you’re able to get time back in your workday, you’re in a better position to focus on what matters to your business and lower costs.

4) Recycled Pallets Support Your Commitment to Sustainability.

Regardless of the industry, consumers are demonstrating a growing desire to purchase from companies who take an active role in reducing their impact on the environment. Their interest extends beyond the actual materials produced into the internal processes and business decisions made by leadership. In response, a growing number of companies are outlining long-term, transformative plans toward sustainability. 

Although pallets play such an integral role in the supply chain industry (and many others), they can be overlooked in discussions around environmental impact. However, if your company is considering its plan, take a few minutes to read the results of a recent study by researchers at Penn State. In the study, the lifecycles of both wooden and plastic pallets were investigated with special attention paid to the environmental impacts of each. The researchers considered nine categories within this area ranging from ozone layer depletion to aquatic ecotoxicity, land occupations to non-renewable energy. Ultimately, researchers concluded that, while plastic pallets last longer, wooden pallets leave a much smaller carbon footprint. This is largely due to the materials used to make the pallets, as most plastic pallets are made using petroleum-based materials. 

As you think about the role pallets play in your business, consider how using recycled pallets can lower your operational costs, allow for more customization, and improve your environmental impact. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.