3 Tips For Choosing Your Pallet Supplier [VIDEO]

Securing the right pallet provider is essential for national companies that need high volumes of pallets on a regular, time-sensitive basis. John Hart explains what to look for in your pallet supplier.

What Should I Look For In A Pallet Supplier?

So you want to look for a partner – someone that's going to understand your supply chain, what you need, what you're shipping, if you're using any automation, and what the downstream needs are for the customer.

Ultimately, you need a partner to evaluate your pallet management needs and provide the specific solutions for whatever program that's determined needed for your operation.

How Do I Evaluate My Pallet Management Needs?

Our national sales team and our regional business development managers actually will come onsite and view your operation. Look at what you're currently using or need to use from an automation standpoint or what your specific customer needs are, if its purchasing pallets or if it's recycling pallets from your facility.

[The right supplier is based on your needs and how well the supplier's capabilities align. Here are five questions to ask potential pallet suppliers.]

We'll create an entire program for your operation. We have several options. One is obviously the purchasing of pallets and we provide different grades, sizes, et cetera – whichever is needed in your operation. And we can customize that to whatever your needs are.

Obviously we do our recycling program as well, and that's retrieving your pallets and reimbursing you for the repairable 48x40s we receive. We send you a recap with everything that's retrieved so you can have that for your records as well. And of course we pay for those pallets that are deemed as repairable 48x40s.

We do offer onsite services if needed, depending on the operation, space you have and the volume. We can provide back dock operations to sort, prepare and replenish pallets right back into your operation there onsite.

[Many retailers and manufacturers find they need a customized solution to realize the full value of their pallet use. See how onsite services keep distribution center operations running efficiently and bring value to companies by improving their cost position.] 

Why Should I Work With 48forty?

We are the largest asset-based pallet recycler in the country. That in itself gives us the market knowledge and value to constantly have supply and make sure that we have your pallet management needs taken care of.

You'll have a dedicated account manager to manage your account. So we'll always be in touch and be able to assess what your needs are as they obviously change quite a bit over time.

That to me is our biggest benefit; availability, supply and managing your account.

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