3 Ways Onsite Pallet Management Services Can Benefit Your Business

Onsite services bring real value to your company's operations such as reduced risk, increased efficiency, and cost improvements. Read on to see how.

The results from implementing onsite services should be tangible and recognizable. Let's go over a few ways onsite services add value to your operations.

1) Reduce Risk

Save Time and Resources

logistics timeWith onsite services, you’re able to focus on your business and leave pallet management to 48forty. For example, we manage your recyclables such as scrap wood and consolidate and return pooled pallets. And that’s just one example. In short, you’re freed up to better utilize your own resources such as labor, physical space, equipment, data management, capital, transportation, and more.

[Short on time? Download a copy of our quick guide to onsite pallet management services for later.]

Increased Governance, Control, and Visibility

support personWe improve the general well-being, inventory-control, and safety of your distribution centers by handling employee hiring, training, safety and compliance. In each distribution center, we provide a dedicated 48forty manager to oversee operations and ensure compliance. We also adhere to an incredible quality program that is a core part of our company culture.

2) Increase Efficiency

Access to Talent

employees talent worldWe're a national company with incredibly diverse, knowledgeable, and hard-working employees. Each of our employees has the experience and expertise to sort, repair, and account for pallets, and the skills necessary to create a safety-first environment. We follow good manufacturing processes (GMPs) at all facilities, employ Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA) protocols when necessary, and continuously improve our quality performance through ongoing training, auditing, monitoring, and program enhancements. When you hire 48forty, you're getting the same team members day-in and day-out, not just another contractor.

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Process Improvement

logistics palletWe pay careful attention to how pallets move through your operation. This allows us to recommend adjustments that maximize the overall value of your pallets, recyclables, and more. As part of this process, we also help determine if suppliers are in compliance with retailers’ pallet specifications. These proactive services make sure that pallets are up-to-spec and performing adequately — preventing product damage, loss, and unnecessary expenses.

[Not sure how to evaluate pallet specs? Learn more about making sure a supplier's specs will meet your needs here.]

These process improvements typically take place at your distribution center. We look for ways to process, load, and repair pallets more efficiently, while observing the gaps in your pallet workflows. The result is higher program value and a constant supply of functional and accurately sized pallets. Additionally, by maximizing the value of each pallet and core, we’re able to pass on the savings to you and benefit your entire operation.

What does this type of process improvement look like? Here are some examples:

Maximized trailer loading and trailer cube utilization. We ensure that pallet placement and organization is well structured to get the most the value in each trailer load or trailer cube.

Improved pallet sorting. There are multiple areas where a retailer may need help with pallet sorting:

  • We make sure that pallets aren’t commingled, such as odd size pallets being mixed in haphazardly with GMA pallets.
  • We correct inconsistent stacks and stack heights, which can lead to better truckload density.
  • We focus on optimizing (or creating) your pallet repair service, which can bring pallets back into your supply chain, and therefore save costs.
  • Depending upon your mix of cores, we can help you bypass unnecessary transportation legs.
  • We also bring customized incentives to each business type. For example, if you're a grocer, we can help you separate pooled pallets from white wood pallets.
  • We help you purchase the right pallets for your specific needs, reducing inefficiencies and unnecessary costs.

Optimized Surplus Platforms. Our surplus asset management helps you take advantage of your pool of surplus pallets, which can control costs, movement, and utilization of your surplus.

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3) Enjoy Cost Improvements

Accurate Tracking and Reporting of Movements and Transfers

money pallet sale48forty knows that load count accuracy (or lack thereof) is an issue. As the retailer, you have to rely on your pallet recycler to provide accurate load counts. Because we’re a true partner in helping you optimize your pallet management, we are completely transparent when it comes to sharing available data. Our online customer portal, PalTrax, allows you to see the number of cores retrieved, sorted and invoiced, by load and location. (And that’s just to start – learn more about all you can see and do with PalTrax here.)

Pallet Management Made Simple

48forty's onsite services bring real value to your company’s operations such as reduced risk, increased efficiency, and cost improvements. And this all continues to improve the longer we work together. With transparency, detailed reporting, and outstanding safety standards, we help you build a more efficient business. It’s truly pallet management made simple.

Interested in using onsite services to make your retail pallet program more efficient? Get in touch with us here.

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