Who Buys Pallets? We Buy Pallets.

48forty doesn’t just sell pallets. We also buy white wood pallets for recycling and reuse. See the benefits of selling your pallets to 48forty.

As the largest supplier of recycled wood pallets in North America, 48forty doesn’t just sell pallets. We buy pallets. Our focus is white wood pallets for recycling and reuse; buying pallets represents a significant portion of our business. It’s a very sustainable – and important - supply chain business.

Sell pallets

Talking with potential customers, we often get the question: what are the advantages of selling pallets to 48forty? If you're looking for pallet disposal, pallet recycling, pallet removal, or just to sell your pallets, look no further:

1) Accountability.

AccountingCustomers’ back docks are busy and few have time to personally count and grade every pallet loaded on a buyer’s trailer. Typically it’s the buyer’s responsibility and sellers must trust the process is accurate.

48forty not only counts the pallets we pick up, we’re acCOUNTable. Everything loaded on a 48forty trailer is counted, graded, and digitally documented in real time. Within 24 hours, sellers can go online using our customer portal PalTrax™ and see a detailed accounting by trailer, date and time; of exactly how many, type, and grade of pallets that were picked up and purchased by 48forty. Sellers can also pull weekly, monthly, and custom reports to track volumes, invoicing and other data.

2) Single-source buyer.

compass48forty is the only single-source buyer of wood pallets with 45 company-owned and operated pallet facilities and more than 180 affiliates strategically located across North America. We also have owned assets, tractors and trailers dedicated to pallet retrievals. Whether you’re a regional or national seller, we can purchase pallets from all of your locations, simplifying the process as a single-source buyer.

3) 24/7 sales and scheduling.

mobile apps on smartphoneThanks to our online customer portal, PalTrax, you can sell us pallets and schedule pick ups anytime, anywhere using your smartphone. This is particularly helpful when managing seasonal volumes and for those whose “regular” office hours are nights and weekends.

4) Pallet Management Made Simple.

trophyOur approach to buying pallets is making the process simple for sellers, whether you're a grocer, food manufacturer or retailer. We have local and national account teams that work closely with sellers to provide solutions that include pallet retrieval scheduled at times convenient for you, keeping your docks clear and growing your pallet sales income.

Our responsiveness and attention to detail are particularly helpful for those with multiple locations, complicated supply chains and fluctuations in pallet volumes. We customize a solution that works for you and work to earn your business every day.

If you’re selling pallets, 48forty would like to connect with you and discuss how we can maximize your used core sales. Get in touch here or give us a call at 1-877-779-8577.

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