Strengthening Our Investment in ESG

Director of ESG Jess Bonsall has spent much of the past two decades helping industry teams understand how to manage ESG-related topics and the program build process. Learn more about 48forty’s commitment to ESG and how we're advancing initiatives across our organization.

What is ESG?

The acronym itself stands for environment, social, and governance. Really and truly at its core, its about sustainability and not just sustainability in the traditional environmental sense, but holistic sustainability. For 48forty, and for our teams in particular we have a really strong environmental story to tell. The governance aspect really focuses on how we maintain compliance with different aspects of a regulatory environment. So theres a number of different things that knit together, but really and truly for us at 48forty, those social and environmental pieces are probably the top two pieces for us to think about as a whole.

How are you advancing 48fortys ESG initiatives?

When we think about sustainability or an ESG program, the first step is defining whats meaningful to us as a company. From a technical term thats called undertaking a materiality assessment. We then define the world, the universe of the things were going to be addressing in our sustainability program. Things like thinking about labor rights, things around diversity and inclusion, and how we get to create a really strong sense of culture and care for all of our workforce and for our communities. All of those elements layer in, starting from the top of where we prioritize, and then what we utilize to supplement that story and to supplement that program overall.

Why should the supply chain industry make ESG a priority?

We are all here and working and living because of the work thats done by the supply chain industry. So even if its a small space where we can become a little bit better at the way that we manage our waste or a little bit better about the way that we think about emissions and reducing that emission footprint, we can become stronger and better stewards of the environment and really create a lot of change because we are such a big industry that touches so many facets of peoples lives.

Learn More

Meet 48forty’s ESG Director Jess Bonsall at PACK EXPO International’s Reusable Packaging Learning Center next week. Jess has spent much of the past two decades helping industry teams understand how to manage ESG-related topics and the program build process. She’ll share how to make effective progress on ESG objectives during sessions next Tuesday afternoon.

At 48forty, we are committed to operating sustainably as well as helping our customers lower their carbon footprint, minimize waste, and achieve their sustainability goals in a cost-efficient manner. Learn more about implementing environmentally responsible practices in your supply chain here.