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Sell Your Pallets To 48forty [VIDEO]

John Hart is Business Development Manager on our National Sales Team here at 48forty. He's often asked: how does selling my pallets to 48forty work? Whether you're looking for pallet removal, disposal, or recycling, there are big benefits for your business when you work with 48forty. Listen in as he explains more.

We Buy Pallets

We are aggressively purchasing pallets across the country. You know, primary companies that we're looking for are food service distribution, manufacturers, retail to name a few.

Typically the companies that discard pallets, or don't have a need to purchase, and are looking to recycle those pallets. Those are typically target companies that we're looking for, that specifically have a need for those types of services.

How Does Selling Pallets To 48forty Work?

  • Based on your needs and the volume that you're going to be having coming out of your distribution center, we'll have drop trailers on site.
  • Your staff will actually load the pallets on the trailers. Once we're notified that a trailer is ready, we'll typically turn that within 24 hours.
  • Once that trailers gets back to our facility it goes through a grading process where our forklift driver actually unloads that trailer. We grade the pallets that are received.
  • The grading can be seen on PalTrax, or we can send you a weekly or monthly recap on what's been received. And once that's completed, it's put into our system. And then they're generated for payment, which is typically net 30. That goes wherever you'd like the checks mailed.

Why Should I Sell My Pallets To 48forty?

The biggest benefit, I think, is our transparency. We have a PalTrax system where you can check and see what's been retrieved on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Our transparency is providing an account of exactly what's been received on specific trailers – 48x40s, scrap pallets, et cetera with specific counts. So you can constantly know what's going on, what you should be reimbursed, and what's being sent out of your facility so you can match that up with what you think you should be retrieving and receiving for those pallets.

Fill out our request for quote form or call 877-779-8577 to get started selling today.

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