Safety Month: June 2024

48forty’s commitment to safety not only protects our employees from harm but also enhances overall operational efficiency, fostering a workplace where everyone can thrive. Director of Safety Kelly Green shares more about 48forty’s dedication to safety and what it means to 48forty.


My name is Kelly Green. I'm the Director of Safety for 48forty. I've been in the pallet industry since 2015. I joined the pallet industry in the operations team and actually managed one of our facilities in South Louisiana for about eight years, before transitioning into the safety role. I love interacting with our employees, having that impact on them and what they do every day, is very rewarding.

What does safety mean to 48forty?

At 48forty Solutions, safety is number one. It's the first thing our CEO talks about every time he addresses our organization. It's the first thing that we talk about in any of our daily, weekly, or monthly meetings with our ops teams. And it's an investment; it's an investment for our company. It's an investment for our employees.

The culture is very strong here. Safety is our number one focus. It's something we talk about daily. Our employees look out for each other. I think that's the key to it all. It's not just about the one person, it's about the group.

What is the See It, Own It, Share It program?  

The See It, Own It, Share It program is kind of the cornerstone of our safety program. And so just as it states See It, we want to identify the hazard. Own It, then we want to take that responsibility on and address that hazard. And then the Share It portion is we want to make sure that everyone's aware, so that it never happens again.

Some of our plans for safety month, we will highlight each week: See It, Own It, Share It, and then Drive It will be our final week. Drive the message home. And we're gonna highlight that by recognizing our safety champions within each of our locations across our entire network that have been nominated by their peers. So, we're really excited about safety month and what that's going to bring for our employees.

What role does technology play in safety? 

The thing that sets us apart from everyone else in the industry is our willingness to try new things, to embrace technology. When it comes to the pallet industry, we're doing things in safety that no one else is, whether it comes to additional devices, or additional guarding. We really are at the forefront of the entire industry. As we embrace these new technologies that can help within our operations obviously safety goes hand in hand with that, and what technology can bring to safety is enormous.

Why is safety important for customers?

For our customers, I think they value our safety program for several reasons. I think first and foremost, it's been proven in recent years that a consumer, they want to do business with someone who treats their employees well and takes care of their employees.

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