What To Look For On Pallet Supplier Plant Visits [VIDEO]

After you've determined your bid finalists, it's critical to do site visits. Here's what to look for at supplier plants.

When it comes to vendors, what you see is what you get.

Complete a site visit before committing to a pallet supplier. Evaluate if your supplier can deliver on their bid.

Here's what to watch for:

  1. Look at the facility at large. Confirm it's well-organized so pallets flow through their operation efficiently. 
  2. Observe how pallets are stored. Make sure pallets are neatly stacked. If you need heat-treated pallets, ask to see that process. 
  3. Pay close attention to inbound pallets. See how pallets are repaired prior to reuse. Ask to walk through the production process. Watch how pallets come in, are graded, repaired and stored for shipment. 
  4. Look at equipment like tractors and trailers. Confirm the suppliers bid and actual availability match. 
  5. Observe safety protocols. Make sure it's a priority for employees and visitors. Look for signage that reinforces safe behaviors. Note if employees are wearing protective gear, such as colored vests, boots, and eyewear. Watch how materials and equipment are handled. Ask about safety process and performance. 

Use these tips to effectively evaluate a prospective pallet supplier.