Join Our Team: Pallet Leaders of Tomorrow

Here at 48forty, it's our goal to help you build a career you will love! We're investing in early career professionals with our new management development program, Pallet Leaders of Tomorrow. See what Senior Recruiter Aaron Longoria has to say about this exciting opportunity.

My name is Aaron Longoria. I'm a Senior Recruiter and Campus Program Manager here at 48forty. I go out to different campuses, and I try to recruit them to come join our organization as a Pallet Leader of Tomorrow, that's our program.

The PLT program is  essentially a management development program where our individuals that are selected for this will come in, learn different aspects, primarily focused in the plant level of the business, but also touch on, things such as finance, our retail operations space, our recycling space, and really anything revolving around the organization with the eventuality of becoming a leader within the organization. 

How can 48forty’s Pallet Leaders of Tomorrow program help me build my career?

This is right in line with developing our people, developing our leaders, developing people to not only just be good employees, but to be good humans.

I really like to see people thrive, and having those "aha" moments coming into an organization and making things click. There are going be bumps in the road. There are going be, different trials and tribulations, but once you overcome those trials and tribulations and mistakes that you're inevitably gonna make, especially as an early career professional, you're going be able to learn from them. And seeing that people are learning from those mistakes, learning from those trials, it is only going make them a better person and a better employee. So I really love the investment that we're taking into these people to create this program. 

Why join 48forty as a Pallet Leader of Tomorrow?

Really excited about this kind of this program being the ground level for supporting the growth, building out our leadership bench. And having people that are coming in with a diverse knowledge, diverse background, able to kind of contribute to the organization in a positive way.

If you're looking for a position that you're not going be behind a desk, that you're going be able to grow and have a growth potential, development potential, and the career potential that's truly unlimited, 48forty Solutions is the company for you.

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