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Most Popular Posts of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we’re inviting you to take a look at some of our most popular posts from this past year. These resources may be helpful to you as you plan for 2023. Gain more insight into topics spanning the value that recycled pallets can bring to your business, how 48forty has evolved to better serve our customers, and current pallet market trends.

Join our Team: 48forty is the Place For You 

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The culture, performance, and history of 48forty are built by our people. Helping individuals build a career they can be proud of for a company they believe in is critical. In fact, many of our facility managers began their careers as pallet builders or saw operators.

We work with our employees to create an advancement plan and give them the tools and access needed to reach their goals. This thinking also extends into their daily lives as we help our team members create a positive work-life balance, ensure a safe and healthy work environment, and receive benefits that help them further support their families. Take a closer look at how 48forty helps employees thrive in different roles available across our organization.

You’ve Decided to Switch from New to Recycled Pallets. Now What? 


It goes without saying that this blog has had staying power over the years. Making the switch from new to recycled pallets creates an opportunity for businesses to adopt an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution without sacrificing performance. However, there are a few things to consider as you make the transition. It’s important to understand the differences between new and recycled pallets and to keep your team involved and informed to ensure the best possible performance and handling. Keep reading for five key tips to consider when making the switch.

Market Update: Holiday Shopping Season

As we near the end of the busiest time of year for buying and moving pallets, thoughts and strategies begin to shift in consideration of the coming year. Mark Hicks, Director of Strategic Accounts for 48forty, believes the choices consumers have made this holiday season will greatly impact Q1 of 2023.

Focused on managing and growing the e-commerce market, Mark invests time in meeting with 48forty’s customers to understand buying trends, review historical numbers, discuss demand, and more. Working collaboratively with customers allows the 48forty team to solve problems more quickly and identify opportunities for improvement. Watch now to gain insight into what’s impacting the pallet market now and what’s to come in the new year.

Let’s Talk Pallets: John Heyler

With the largest network in North America, 48forty continues to expand to support the supply chain industry. As executive vice president, Jon Heyler and his team are focused on providing high-performing recycled pallets to our customers, creating a safe and efficient work environment, and identifying opportunities to improve and grow. One example of how they’re evolving the industry is by adopting pallet repair automation. This technology allows the team to focus on other areas of the business while preserving the quality of their recycled pallets. Learn more from Jon and the opportunities he sees as the industry moves forward.

Strengthening Our Investment in ESG

The acronym ESG (environment, social, and governance) is quickly becoming part of everyday conversation, and for good reason. As a business, we understand our role in educating and leading change in how we make decisions and operate as a whole. Yes, the environment and reducing our carbon footprint are at the heart of what 48forty does. However, we define ESG as including social elements such as diversity and inclusion, maintaining a welcoming and healthy work environment, actively pursuing a change to serve both our employees and the environment with respect, and more.

The supply chain industry plays a critical role in keeping the world moving forward, and we feel it’s our responsibility and desire to become stronger and better stewards across all facets of ESG. Hear from our director of ESG and learn more about 48forty’s investments in our ESG program.

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