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Let's Talk Pallets: Jon Heyler

At 48forty, our team of supply chain experts is here to give you the information you need. Hear more about the pallet industry from an operations perspective and what is coming in the near future for 48forty. 

Jon Heyler is the Executive Vice President for 48forty Solutions and oversees the entire plant network in North America, totaling 59 plant operations. He’s heavily involved in acquisitions and helping to bring new companies into the 48forty business.

What’s your team focused on?

Our team is primarily focused on the operations of running our plant network across North America. We have a great employee base and great local managers that are allowed to be very entrepreneurial in running their businesses. Our goals every day are to bring people into work, keep them safe while they’re working, take care of our customers, and send all of our people home safely.

What sets 48forty apart?

We’re better equipped because of our people and our size and scope. We believe that we’ve got the best people in the industry. We’ve got the largest footprint in North America. We’ve got the largest fleet in North America. And all of these things together allow us to properly service and take care of our customers day in and day out throughout the year.

How is 48forty using automation?

Within the 48forty network, we have recently created two automated repair lines in Atlanta, Georgia, which we’ve seen tremendous impact and improvement from. We’ve acquired a significant amount of automation at some of the companies that we’ve brought onboard. And we’re very much looking forward to continue to grow our automation footprint.

What’s to come in the near future?

There are a few things that I’m excited about. The growth in this industry and of this company are extremely exciting. The opportunities that our growth is going to provide for our employees all across North America is absolutely fantastic. The automation that we are working on now and will continue to grow throughout our business over the coming years is going be a game-changer for both our business and the industry. There are a lot of really exciting things happening right now in the pallet industry and at 48forty Solutions.