Increase Your Efficiency With Onsite Services

When it comes to pallet management, the process goes beyond just pallets. Many companies require customized solutions to fully understand the value of their pallet usage. See how 48forty’s onsite services can bring real value to your company through cost savings, process improvement, and risk reduction.

What are Onsite Services?

Onsite services involve placing dedicated labor resources directly within a customer's location to facilitate the management of their pallet program. This hands-on approach ensures that all pallet-related needs are addressed, leading to increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional pallet services, these custom-tailored solutions are designed to align with the specific requirements of your business. The goal of onsite services is to optimize every aspect of pallet handling and to deliver value to both retailers and manufacturers. 

Onsite services can include a comprehensive range of solutions that are designed for your business including pallet repair programs, efficient store retrievals, and the removal of wood and cardboard scrap for recycling. Businesses can also benefit from warehouse solutions, dock sweeps, and vendor compliance audits, which ensure adherence to industry standards. Dock optimization audits and total cost management analysis are also part of the package. This comprehensive approach to pallet management guarantees that businesses receive tailored support for their unique needs.

Knowing When Your Business Needs Onsite Services

Tammy Rogers, Director of National Sales, explains when businesses should consider onsite services for their supply chain.

Determining when to incorporate onsite services into your business supply chain can be pivotal. Businesses often come to the realization when they are spending too much money on new pallets, when they could be reusing the existing pallets that they already have onsite. This typically causes them to explore more sustainable and cost-effective pallet management solutions.

Outsourcing your pallet management to a seasoned 3rd-party provider addresses a crucial issue. It allows businesses to focus on their core competencies, ensuring that products reach store shelves and consumers in a timely manner, without the constant worry of pallet management. Understanding when your business needs onsite services may not always be straightforward, but partnering with professionals like 48forty can help you understand the hidden opportunities for improvement within your current supply chain.

Benefits of Onsite Services

Tammy Rogers specifically discusses how onsite services help customers realize cost savings, process improvements, and risk reduction.

Cost Savings

The top priority of any onsite service is to create overall cost savings for your business. Through a detailed pallet management plan, businesses can experience a significant decrease in pallet-related expenses. For example, by reusing recycled pallets, a business can diminish the constant need for new pallet procurement. Another benefit of onsite services is the ability to accurately track and report the movements of load counts, leading to a decrease in costs. At 48forty, we’re committed to transparency and offer an online customer portal to provide businesses with real-time insights into core retrieval, sorting, and invoicing by load and location. By maximizing the value of each pallet and core with our onsite services, we’re able to pass on the savings to you and benefit your entire operation.

Process Improvement

Onsite services offer a fundamental advantage by improving your entire supply chain process, from beginning to end. 48forty’s onsite teams ensure that companies meet pallet standards and take steps to prevent damage, loss, and unnecessary costs. This includes improving trailer loading and sorting pallets more efficiently for better truckloads. Our surplus asset management helps control costs, streamline movements, and get the most out of extra pallets. With an onsite team who is aligned with your specific needs, 48forty ensures that products are in the right place at the right time.

Risk Reduction

At 48forty, onsite teams undergo comprehensive training to distinguish between good and defective pallets based on customer requirements. In some cases, they are also trained in safe and efficient pallet repair techniques. Equally important is the customer service training because we are operating within a client's premises. This means that we are a guest in our customers’ buildings and that our onsite teams are expected to maintain a positive customer service experience. Onsite services also give businesses the opportunity to optimize their own resources, including labor, physical space, equipment, data management, capital, and transportation. This holistic approach minimizes operational risks and enhances the overall efficiency of your supply chain.

Choosing 48forty for Onsite Services

Hear how a large retailer took advantage of 48forty’s onsite services and saved millions in pallet expenses.

A major e-commerce retailer faced ongoing operational challenges and turned to 48forty for assistance. We quickly recognized that they were buying a significant number of new 48x40 pallets and other costly pallets. The problem was their inefficient sorting process, which led expensive pallets to be returned to a plant, requiring the purchase of new ones. 48forty implemented onsite services to accurately sort their pallets and return reusable ones to the customer. This resulted in saving millions of dollars in pallet expenses while also enhancing their overall supply chain efficiency.

At 48forty, we’re pallet management made simple. Our onsite services offer businesses a comprehensive solution to streamline their pallet management, optimize their supply chain operations, and reduce costs. By partnering with a seasoned provider like 48forty, you can benefit from dedicated teams who provide businesses with the opportunity to make the most of their resources. If you’re interested in partnering with us for onsite services, you can get in touch with us below.


Whether you're a local, regional, or national operation, we look forward to assisting you with your pallet needs.