Implement A Resilient Supply Chain With An Asset-Based Pallet Provider

Partnering with an asset-based pallet manufacturer can help increase your company's overall efficiency. Here's how.

Today’s challenges go far beyond the basic laws of supply and demand. Pressure on the supply chain industry is compounded by still-skyrocketing lumber and shipping costs, an increase in online purchases, even labor shortages. As companies dig deeper to find cost savings, their pallet supplier may not be the obvious choice. However, choosing to partner with an asset-based pallet manufacturer can make a positive impact across your organization.

48forty takes on some of the operational burden from our customers by being able to streamline their pallet management processes. This includes everything from pallet recycling and repair, to accessible online tools, and personalized attention across every area of a customer’s supply chain operation.

Improve Your Cost Position with an End-to-End Pallet Supplier

When you hear or read about recycled pallet suppliers, the conversation naturally leans toward sustainability. While supporting the environment is part of our mission, helping customers improve their cost position and implement a more resilient supply chain is, too.

As an asset-based pallet manufacturer, we can help you keep operational costs reasonable even in a time of rising lumber and pallet prices. While some of this cost savings occurs through reusing and repurposing wood, 48forty’s value also comes from providing end-to-end pallet solutions. We own every asset needed to support our customer’s supply chain, from warehouses and trucks to plants and even pallets. Within those areas, our team is well trained and available to provide custom pallets, supply, retrieval, reverse logistics, and more. When key areas of your supply chain are controlled by a single owner, savings in both time and materials can be realized.

Additionally, we are equipped to provide customers with access to greater documentation, transparency, and availability. PalTrax, our online pallet management system, is one more way we can increase efficiency across your supply chain operation.

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PalTrax: Smart, Simple and Fast Pallet Management 

PalTrax is an industry-leading, highly intuitive customer portal designed to simplify pallet management for 48forty customers:

  • Smart: Accessible on any internet-connected device, PalTrax allows customers to place orders, schedule pallet retrievals and view reports from virtually anywhere.
  • Simple: Customers can track by date, time, trailer load, location, pallet spec, and quantity. With simplified account management, finding the right information is easy and accessible 24/7.
  • Fast: Using innovative technology, navigating the tools and resources within PalTrax takes little time and effort.

PalTrax gives customers instant access backed by personalized service, which can make an even bigger impact on the supply chain during times of peak demand.

Put Money Back in Your Pocket by Selling Your Used Pallets

PalTrax can also be used to support the accountability (and profitability) of pallets that need to be disposed of or recycled. Our team counts, grades, and digitally documents each pallet we pick up. Within 24 hours, sellers can access a detailed accounting trail that includes the data collected upon pick up. Using your PalTrax account, it’s possible to create weekly or monthly reports to track volumes, invoicing, and more.

Our pallet buying option falls within 48forty’s commitment to providing end-to-end solutions for the supply chain industry. Serving as your partner across all facets of your supply chain operation, we make it easier to identify cost and time savings as well as aid in efforts toward running a more sustainable business.

[Take the guesswork out of managing your pallet program. Experience the benefits of online pallet management with PalTrax.]

Remain Confident

48forty is committed to doing all we can to keep your goods moving. This begins and ends with service. By having full ownership of the assets that make up your supply chain, we can ensure that you have the supply of pallets you need. We can also keep a close eye on the performance of those pallets, pull and replace them quickly and provide the services you need to keep your operation up and running. What this means is uninterrupted service for our customers.

Simply put, partnering with an asset-based pallet manufacturer leads to:

  • Increased overall efficiency,
  • Lower hard and soft costs,
  • Fewer errors and
  • Less risk

Our approach is anything but a one-time purchase. As your partner, we offer a customizable suite of solutions that evolve with your business. Regardless of the economic environment, we can help you reduce operational expenses and implement a more resilient supply chain. Request a quote today to get in touch with our team to learn more.

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