Going The Extra Mile: Safer, More Efficient Transportation

At 48forty, our drivers, combined with leading technology and advanced training, help us deliver the best possible customer experience.  We simply could not do what we do without their passion and dedication.

There’s no question that truck drivers are the heartbeat of America. They keep the world moving forward, which has only become more apparent since the pandemic began. 

This National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we want to take some time to recognize and celebrate all our drivers do to support our mission of making pallet management easier than ever. It’s our drivers, combined with leading technology and advanced training, that deliver the best possible customer experience. 

Technology Drives Safety and Efficiency

As an industry leader, we take a proactive approach in identifying technologies that can improve efficiencies, enhance safety, lower our carbon footprint and elevate the customer experience. 

48forty recently partnered with Geotab, an integrated fleet management solution that connects most backend systems to create a seamless, highly efficient transportation fleet. The maintenance team is made aware of any potential issues with the truck, which minimizes downtown. At each point in the process, communication and overall performance is improved.

For the driver specifically, this technology greatly streamlines their workflow. It also minimizes or eliminates paper logs, using an application and a tablet for tracking mileage, fuel usage, delivery times and other key elements of their work. Ultimately, all of these tools allow drivers to focus on staying safe and providing the greatest possible service to our customers.

As part of our efforts to continue improving efficiency and safety, the 48forty team is working toward upgrading its in-cab camera system. This technology has proven to enhance safety and training efforts and gives our team greater insight into areas we can improve to support both our drivers’ and customers’ needs. 

Ongoing Training Keeps Our Team on the Road

48forty has an extensive training program for every area of our business. Not only is it intended to keep our team members safe, engaged, and on a path toward growth; it also keeps us aligned in our work toward improving pallet management and providing the best possible customer experience. 

Similar to other areas of our business, we offer a driver mentorship program. Team members who have earned their CDL, but have had limited opportunities to gain driving experience are encouraged to apply for our Driver Training Program, which pairs them with an experienced 48forty driver. 

Jose 2

Jose Ceballos, Amarillo TX

Driver Jose Ceballos at our Amarillo plant served as a mentor for another 48forty employee. Plant Manager Jerry Michaelson shared: “Jose trained one of our current employees in every aspect of driver safety, customer service, and then more safety. Jose is one of those drivers willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He is also very welcoming to our customers all the time. His truck is immaculate and he is always professional. We appreciate Jose!”

Each member of the 48forty team, regardless of their role, is given opportunities to share their ideas to help our operation run safer and more smoothly. This elevates our training, our productivity, and our ability to best serve our customers.

We’re excited to share more about some of our very own 48forty drivers this week. Thanks to all for your hard work and commitment to safety!

Anthony Price 1 (2)

My main daily objective is always to be a focused and safe driver while I am behind the wheel of a CMV. I really like the SmartDrive camera and safety equipment that our trucks have installed in them.”

- Anthony Price; Memphis, TN

James Bowden 1 (2)

“I love to drive and I like the culture at 48forty. Safety is an extremely important part of my job.  My goal is to operate our CMV accident free, in a safe and courteous manner."

- James Bowden; Nashville, TN

Nick Pappas (1)

“Safety starts at home and carries through to the workplace. As a driver, I have multiple driver safety classes as well as firefighter training. As a Rescue Tech, Rescue Specialist and being a former EMT, safety is part of my regular routine.”

- Nick Pappas; Biglerville, PA

Jorge German 1 (1)

“Whenever I am out on the road, I am constantly watching other drivers and making sure I am being as safe as possible. Really appreciate the company looking out for me and letting me work my way up from a forklift operator to now a CDL driver.”

- Jorge German; Chicago, IL

Technology and Training Lead to Better Customer Relationships

The 48forty team takes great pride in keeping an eye on the future and all that’s possible in our industry. By adopting new technologies and continuing to educate and support our drivers, we’re better equipped to give our customers the best possible experience.

This begins with more efficient deliveries. Technology allows us to improve communications with drivers, provide real-time information about their loads and provide assurance when they need it. Our trucks are equipped with features from the motor to back sensors to keep our drivers and products moving safely. We believe this adds even greater peace of mind to our customers. 

Beyond the efficiencies of moving goods and staying safe, the technology we implement reinforces our commitment to the environment. Our trucks are built to lower emissions through fuel economy and a more streamlined workflow. For our customers, it means we’re doing our part to minimize our carbon footprint (and theirs) without sacrificing quality. 

As supply chains continue to evolve, 48forty is committed to embracing new technologies proven to enhance the efficiencies we have already discovered and position our team to go even further to support and safeguard our customers, our drivers and the environment.

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