Digitizing Our Carbon Footprint

48forty recently adopted a tech-enabled carbon emissions management program. Director of ESG Jess Bonsall shares more about how this program is streamlining our carbon emissions reporting and improving our sustainability efforts for our company and our customers.

Watch the video to learn more. Transcript follows below.

My name is Jess Bonsall, and I'm the ESG director for 48forty Solutions. I've worked with a number of different industries as a sustainability practitioner, and in those spaces, I've had real opportunities to support teams to operationalize ESG and sustainability-related practices.

48forty recently adopted a tech-enabled carbon emissions management program. This platform is somewhat unique for the US since many companies have not yet taken the opportunity to digitize their carbon footprint and manage it in this way. By taking the opportunity to utilize a tech-enabled platform, we're able to live track what our emissions look like for our company throughout the year, and then translate that information into how we reduce our emissions, ultimately looking at net zero goal commitments in the future.

When a company develops its carbon footprint, the process has traditionally been manual. It means integrating data points from a company's spend and operations in a way that helps aggregate data and translate it into carbon dioxide equivalent. That manual process is very labor intensive and requires a lot of quality checks in the background to ensure that the information that's being pulled together is accurate.

By taking the opportunity to work with teams that can provide a tech-enabled solution, we're able to automate many of these processes that sync together our accounting systems with our operations systems. Ultimately, this provides an automated way for us to track our emissions footprint.

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At 48forty, we are committed to operating sustainably as well as helping our customers lower their carbon footprint, minimize waste, and achieve their sustainability goals in a cost-efficient manner. Learn more about how we can work together to implement environmentally responsible practices in your supply chain here.