5 Reasons to Work at 48forty

At 48forty, we are committed to fostering a healthy work environment that creates growth, inspires collaboration, and supports work-life balance, but dont just take our word for it! See why our employees love working at 48forty, and why you might, too.

In todays flooded job market, its easy to get overwhelmed. If youre looking for a new position or thinking about a career change, you might be wondering which company is the right fit. We get it. Its important you find somewhere youll be appreciated, supported, and enjoy going to work each day. (As the cliche goes, youll never work a day in your life if you love what you do.)

At 48forty, we love what we do and the people we get to work with each day. Thats why we dont just hire to fill positions. Our culture runs deeper than that. Just as we are committed to meeting our customers needs, we work hard to make sure each employee has what they need to stay, grow, and succeed within our organization. In fact, each position is supported through ongoing training, comprehensive benefits, advancement paths, and consistent work schedules. 

So, why should you join 48forty? 

Check out these five reasons – with real feedback from some of our employees on why they love working here.

1. You Have Room for Growth

Simply put, we help you build a meaningful career by creating opportunities. From when and how we provide training, to performance reviews and promotions, we do what we can to make sure youre aware of how your role might evolve to meet your goals. From the plant setting to the corporate office, Integration Analyst Nicole Bende has held several different roles throughout her 18 years with 48forty. What I love about 48forty is that this company cares about their employees, and we are all treated as family, explains Nicole. I really feel respected and valued and receive daily encouragement in all that I do.

Many of our employees in management positions have worked their way up over the years through hard work, dedication, and training. For those interested in improving or expanding their skillset, we offer ongoing education and can find a mentor at a local 48forty facility. We believe its essential to build confidence, understand operations, and give everyone a voice to share ideas on the improvement of processes or products.

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“I am motivated to grow in my career while working with professionals who I will not only learn from but who will also push me to take on new and challenging opportunities.”

Integration Analyst Nicole Bende joined our team 18 years ago as an Assistant Office Manager at the Columbus, Ohio plant. Her tenure and experience at 48forty created the opportunity for her to join the Integration Team.

2. You Like a Challenge.

In the supply chain industry, we are faced with different challenges each day. How we choose to overcome those makes all the difference. With a team-oriented environment, we are able to collaborate and problem-solve to reach a resolution safely and efficiently.

Through overcoming challenges, we all learn how to help one another achieve, grow, and better the customer experience. I enjoy the challenges that the pallet industry has brought me over the years. Overcoming obstacles is motivating for me, and I find our team atmosphere motivating, too, explains Regional Director of Tennessee Jason Smith. Working at 48forty over the last couple of years has definitely been exciting. Even though were a rapidly growing company, I think our roots are still in our operations....our people take care of each other and our customers.

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“My favorite thing about 48forty is our people...Speaking directly for my team in Tennessee, they are a highly motivated group of men and women who I really enjoy leading.” 

Jason Smith has been with 48forty for nearly 16 years and started as the Assistant General Manager for our Denver, Colorado facility. He is now the Regional Director of Tennessee where he oversees plant operations at our Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville plants.

3. You Want Good Benefits

Our employees play a key role in the success of our organization and its important we take care of them. Thats why 48forty provides a full benefits package, including health, dental, vision, disability, life insurance, paid time off, and 401(k) retirement savings (after 90 days). We also often offer opportunities for sign-on and retention bonuses to further support employee success.

Beyond our comprehensive benefits package, we strive to make sure every employee is safe while on the job. At the center of our culture, and everything we do, is safety. We have thorough safety procedures across all areas of the business and provide ongoing training to constantly improve facility processes. I know that I can make a difference in everyone’s safety by working to ensure they are educated and inspired,” explains Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Manager Jennifer Smith. When all this happens, safety just comes naturally.

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Everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated...truly creating a family environment where everybody is there for one another. The safety team is like family — supportive and inspiring.

Joining the 48forty team just 9 weeks ago, HSE Manager Jennifer Smith is already loving the great people and culture of the organization.

4. You Thrive in A Team Environment 

As the nations largest pallet recycling company, we each play an integral part in helping goods and supplies get where they need to go. Whether youre repairing pallets at a facility close to home or analyzing reports in our corporate office, you will work with a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about our industry and organization.

Without true teamwork, we couldnt meet our customers needs. Degrees, letters, and certifications are all nice to have, but people and teams that have a thought process of, ‘we’ll figure it out, is very rewarding to be a part of, explains Finance and Accounting Integration Manager Keith LaCanne. Everyone is willing to help where they can when they can, working solutions regardless of whos area of responsibility is involved.

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Team accomplishments are far more rewarding than individual ones in my experience, so having the opportunity to move into a role that mandates the team contribution mindset was great. 

Finance and Accounting Integration Manager Keith LaCanne joined 48forty following the acquisition of J&B Pallet where he was Corporate Controller. In his new role, he is enjoying teamwork and learning more about 48forty processes.

5. You Know Sustainability Is A Priority

As we look to the planet that future generations will inherit, it’s essential that supply chains operate sustainably. That’s why recycling is at the core of our everyday operations. I love working for 48forty because it’s a true, green company. Recycling wood pallets equals saving trees, explains Director of Process Engineering Gerard Davide. Procuring, repairing, and providing pallets to customers is critical within the supply chain.

There are nearly 2 billion pallets in the United States alone. While there are many in circulation, each has a unique and renewable lifecycle. Unlike other shipping materials, a typical wooden pallet is still considered new up until its fourth or fifth round trip. And as the pallet starts to show age, our pallet builders at 48forty can replace worn boards to extend usage. When a wooden pallet reaches the end of life, it can be repurposed into fuel or other materials – further adding to the potential net positive carbon impact.

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