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How to Make an Informed Decision When Selecting a Pallet Supplier [VIDEO]

Ask these questions to make an informed decision when selecting a recycled pallet supplier.

Questions to Ask

The right recycled pallet supplier is based on your needs and how well the supplier's capabilities align.

Ask these questions to make an informed decision when selecting a recycled pallet supplier:

1) Does the supplier have the expertise and resources to evaluate your pallet requirements? Ask the supplier to visit your facility to recommend the best recycled pallet spec for you.

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How to evaluate a supplier's pallet specs

2) How experienced is the supplier with retail requirements? Make sure they can provide the appropriate pallets to meet your retailers' needs.

3) How closely do the supplier's recycled pallet specs align with what you currently use? Get a supplier's specs in writing to ensure alignment in terms of size, quality and performance. Ask suppliers how they ensure pallet grades are consistent from one location to the next.

4) Does the supplier have the capacity to keep you supplied? A supplier with national capabilities simplifies your pallet management, ultimately reducing the time and cost of doing business.

5) How does the supplier handle order placement, tracking, verification and billing? Much of the pallet industry remains paper-based. The better your supplier's digital capabilities, the better off you - and your bottom line - will be.

Based on the answers to these questions, consider if your needs and the pallet supplier's capabilities align.