3 Ways to Improve Your Pallet Program Reporting with PalTrax

PalTrax® features easy-to-use reporting functionality that allows you to get the data you need, right when you need it. Read on to learn more.

Gone are the days of time-consuming pallet management. 48forty is continuously working to improve processes and develop solutions to help our customers manage their pallet programs more easily and more efficiently. Our mobile platform, PalTrax®, provides a complete view of your account, from orders to proof of delivery, and more. This robust platform features easy-to-use reporting functionality that allows you to get the data you need, right when you need it.

Everything is Documented in PalTrax

All 48forty customer transactions are accessible in PalTrax. As a customer, you can easily access information including order history, electronic proof of delivery, bills of lading, documents, invoices, and payment history. Paltrax allows you to view and print current and archived documents and export comprehensive data for a variety of reports.

Beyond capturing information, PalTrax allows you to manage your pallet program online, including placing orders, scheduling pallet deliveries and retrievals, and more.

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PalTrax Makes It Easy to Understand the Details

PalTrax is designed to store detailed information from location-specific data and points of contact to the grade of pallets received by our recycling centers. Its intuitive design makes it easy to view and export your order history by day, week, month, year, location, and quantity. You’re able to access more than just raw data and can see, facility by facility, different pallet movements and supply chain impacts.

To view detailed information for multiple locations, simply search for a site and PalTrax will show you specific data like how your pallets were graded, the quantity purchased, and more. This allows you to generate reports based on location and includes information such as pallet grades, number of pallets picked-up, financial data, and more.

Data is Accessible Where You Need It When You Need It

Whether your reporting needs are general or specific, PalTrax can generate the right information quickly and easily from wherever you are. Any information added to your management tool is updated in real-time. If you are managing multiple locations, someone across the country can add information and you can access that same data almost immediately. PalTrax prevents downtime and keeps everyone informed and on the same page to keep your operation moving forward as seamlessly as possible.

Accessible 24/7 from nearly any internet-connected device, PalTrax can generate reports at any time. Whether it’s a corporate team member checking on a distribution center or a manager onsite, last-minute informational needs, including unexpected meetings, become less of a burden when the data you need to make important decisions is at your fingertips.

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