48forty Solutions Pallet Facility

Pallets in Jackson, Mississippi


Let's Simplify

National capabilities, local know-how.

48forty Solutions' Jackson facility has been serving the area since 1998. Strategically located off I-220 in Hawkins Field Industrial Park (and as I-220 connects I-55 North and I-20), 48forty has access to convenient shipping lanes that allow easy service within 180 miles in any direction. And, since 48forty is a national company, we have the resources of our surrounding facilities to accommodate almost any need – odd size pallets, immediate pallet needs, surplus pallet retrieval and more.

Neighboring 48forty facilities

  • Memphis TN
  • Horn Lake, MI
  • Hammond, LA
  • Birmingham, AL

All neighboring facilities can assist in meeting our greater Jackson area customers’ needs.

Available resources

48forty’s Jackson facility has the resources available to provide you with excellent customer service and is well-equipped to serve virtually any need, whether your company plans to buy or sell pallets in the area.

  • Purchased $2.4 million in pallets last year
  • Access to more than 1.5 million surplus pallets in a three-state area
  • 30,000 sq. ft covered indoor storage area
  • Heat treating capabilities
  • One contact sales professional to handle all questions or needs

Location Details

750 Boling Street
Jackson, MS 39209