Canadian Supply Chain Act Report

Effective January 1, 2024

Developed by: Paramount Pallet General Partner Corp. General Counsel, Matthew Hunt

on behalf of: Paramount Pallet, L.P. & Palette Paramount (Quebec), Inc.

Published May 30, 2024


This report has been prepared pursuant to the Fighting Against Forced Labor and Child
Labor in Supply Chains Act (“Act”), effective January 1, 2024. This report is being filed on
behalf of Paramount Pallet L.P. and Palette Paramount (Quebec), Inc. (collectively,
referred to herein as “Paramount”, “we” or “us”, and is representative of our operations in
fiscal year 2023 (“FY23”). (1)

Paramount is committed to consistently operating in a responsible manner, which
includes treating everyone equally and with dignity. In keeping with this commitment, we
maintain a zero-tolerance approach to violations of human rights, inclusive of any form
of harassment, intimidation, or retaliation, as well as acts of human trafficking and other
forms of forced or coerced labor (2) and recruitment practices.

We will not support or work with any business that is knowingly involved in any form of
human trafficking or modern slavery and will take steps to maintain transparency within
our business and supply chain, including compliance with the Act.

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