Why Join 48forty Solutions

Are you looking for a job that encourages learning, growth and success? Then look no further! 48forty is hiring across the nation for a variety of positions.

Kristy Harvey, Office Manager: If you want to have a job with lots of different opportunities and, your day is always gonna be exciting every day. And there’s all these different things to be able to do. You know, this is a great place to work. They take care of their employees. 48forty takes care of us. And, you know, I spend most of my days at work, not feeling like I’m at work. I have a good time.

Dusty Palmer, Plant Manager: You don’t really need a lot of knowledge to come into the pallet industry. That that can be taught pretty quick. What we need is just people that are dedicated, hardworking, that are committed to showing up every day and giving it their all. And those are the people that will succeed and have all the opportunity.

Scott Sowa, Vice President, Operations (West): We’re a growing company and there’s huge opportunity in front of every employee. If you’re willing to work hard, put the time in, learn our business, the sky’s the limit for people to have on it. Put that effort in.

48forty as a company is, it’s very fast paced and dynamic. And it’s, it’s a company that, you know, they want to help promote from within, and there’s ample amounts of opportunities for anyone.

Kyle Eberlin, Chief Commercial Officer: Our employees are important because they’re the backbone of our business. They show up every day, they perform, they provide a valuable service to the supply chain. We like to reward them with competitive pay and benefits, treat them with dignity and respect, and give them the opportunity to grow because they are just that important.

Mike Hachtman, CEO: We have three goals at 48forty. First is to take care of our people. There is no greater resource here at the company, and it’s a great responsibility to make sure we provide them opportunity and a safe and rewarding workplace. Second, we have to take care of our customers. Without our customers we would not be here. And if we take care of our people and our customers, the business naturally takes care of itself.

Why 48forty? We don’t just fill positions; we look for opportunities to help each of our team members achieve long-term success! We offer training, mentorships, and clear paths for advancement.

Find open positions in your area and apply today.