Message To Our Industry Colleagues [VIDEO]

Check out this short video message from our new CEO, Mike Hachtman, to our colleagues in the pallet industry. We’re excited to continue to work with our partners, service providers, and stakeholders across the industry to achieve our shared goal of helping customers realize the full value of their pallet programs, labor services and sustainability efforts.

A quick message to my colleagues in the pallet industry. As you may have already heard, 48forty, the nation's largest pallet recycler, has acquired Relogistics Services, the leader in pallet and container management services. I'm very excited about the merger and my new role as CEO of both companies. I'm extremely honored and proud of the opportunity to work with everyone on both teams to help these companies realize their full potential in our industry. As most of you know, before starting Relogistics in 2011, I worked in the 48forty organization when it was known as IFCO Systems. I look forward to reuniting with the company where I spent my first 14 years in the industry. Relogistics will keep its existing company name, logo, and website, and will now be referred to as Relogistics, A 48forty Company. Relogistics will continue its focus on providing pallet and container management programs to the nation's largest retailers and distributors, while 48forty focuses on finished goods sales to manufacturers.

For those of you currently working with Relogistics or 48forty, your contacts with each company will stay the same. However, we will look for improvements that streamline your communications in the future. I hope you all know and understand my dedication and commitment to the wood pallet industry. I believe consolidation of the recycled pallet industry helps strengthen the white wood pallet platform by providing the national solutions expected by many large companies. However, 48forty and Relogistics will continue to rely on outside capacity and locations to service many of our customers, making our service provider network a vital component of our success. A strong pallet market and industry is good for all companies, regardless of size. Relogistics and 48forty are also committed to their strong involvement and support of the industry and the NWPCA. There are critical issues facing all of our businesses today. Both companies and I will continue to do everything we can to assist whenever and wherever needed to ensure the health and success of the entire industry. Thank you all for your support over the years, and I look forward to connecting with you all in the near future.

Thank you.