How To Get The Right Pallets For Your Business [VIDEO]

There are no standard, industry-approved specifications for pallets. Watch our short video and download our guide for all you need to know to make sure a supplier’s pallet specs will work for your company.

Pallets are not interchangeable. Different grades deliver different levels of performance. Since there are no standard, industry-approved specifications for pallets, consider these factors to make sure a supplier’s pallet specs will work for you.

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How to evaluate a supplier's pallet specs

Quick Tips

Consider These Factors:

1) Your supplier’s specs. Make sure they are published, and the same regardless of facility of origin.

2) The product going on the pallet. Typically, the more complex the product, the higher the grade needed.

3) Your retailer customers’ specs. Retailers have requirements for pallets, so make sure yours fit their specifications.

4) Your operation’s automation requirements. Automation is all about standardization. Ensure your pallets work at every stage, from filling to packing.

5) Your racking system. Rack design and configuration influences which pallet grade is most appropriate.

6) Your pallet supplier. Providers’ pallet nomenclature, specs, and overall approach varies. Ensure your supplier can complete a thorough review of your operation to determine the best pallet recommendation.

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