Five Ways 48forty Keeps Up with Holiday Demand and Keeps You Sane

There isn't a busier time of year for retailers. Here's how 48forty keeps up with the holiday rush.


Many years ago, a singer named Andy Williams recorded a song called It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. It’s all about parties, caroling, mistletoe-ing, snow, and marshmallows. Never fails to put me in the holiday spirit.

Even so, I’m thinking Andy never worked in retail. Why? Because right now, things are absolutely insane for retailers. Especially now as you’re struggling to maintain the “good cheer” when facing hordes of shoppers during this hap-happiest (read stressful) time of the year.

Never fear! 48forty understands the struggle to keep your face wreathed in holiday smiles. Here are five ways we help you keep up with demand while keeping you sane:

1) We're local on a national basis.

Like the personal service of local companies, but need a supplier with national presence? 48forty has the nation's largest network with 45 owned facilities and 180 affiliates. No matter where your store(s) or DCs are located, it’s likely 48forty is nearby and ready to assist you with recycled pallets, custom pallets and pallet retrieval – anything pallet related you need help with.

[The right supplier is based on your needs and how well the supplier's capabilities align. Get the full guide on how to select the right supplier here.]

2) We give you one call convenience.

If your dock is clogged with cores or you need pallets for a last-minute delivery, you don’t want to make multiple calls. One call to your local 48forty facility or our national customer service number is all it takes to get what you need. Find local facility contact information here or dial 1-877-779.8577.

3) We offer smart phone access to our services.

Too busy to sit at a desk? Need help after hours or on weekends? Grab your smart phone and login to PalTrax®, our online customer portal, for anytime, anywhere scheduling of pallet purchases or core retrievals. Don’t worry about keeping track of your transactions. PalTrax accurately captures and archives order history so you can retrieve the data you need when you need it. (PalTrax is accessible from any device connected to the Internet.)

[The value of recycled pallets is on the rise. Here's how to make sure you're maximizing your income from pallet retrieval transactions.]

4) We have tractors, trailers and drivers ready to roll.

No time to wait? Not a problem for 48forty. We own a fleet or tractors and trailers and keep our employed drivers on standby. If we need backup, we have long-standing priority relationships with commercial carriers. Call us and we’ll hit the road pronto!

5) Our 2,250 people focused on your success.

Our commitment to our customers is this: we make pallet management simple. And when you have 2,250 team members to back it up, you can guarantee we keep our word. Even during this bus-busiest time of the year, 48forty is here for you.

There’s still time to make sure your Q4 is the most wonderful time of the year. Get in touch to learn more or call 48forty at 1-877-779-8577 to hear how we can help.

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