5 Ways 48forty Streamlines Your End-of-Year Pallet Reporting

The data you need for end-of-year reporting is just a few clicks away.

Not to be a Grinch, but if anything has the power to dim holiday cheer, it’s end-of-year reporting. This is particularly true when dealing with suppliers whose reporting mechanisms are largely paper-based, which is to say much of the pallet industry. The last thing anyone wants to do this time of year is wade through stacks of paper or poorly documented electronic files while everyone else is celebrating.

48forty has some great news for our friends in finance and accounting: you don’t have to forgo the “wonderful life” of the holidays because of work. Thanks to our online customer portal, PalTrax®, the data you need for end-of-year reporting is just a few clicks away so you, too, can enjoy the holiday fun.

See PalTrax In Action 

Here’s how PalTrax keeps the holidays bright:

1) Every pallet purchase, every core sale is documented and the data available in PalTrax.

Since implementing PalTrax in late 2017, all 48forty customer transactions are captured, archived, and accessible in PalTrax. From the original order entry, through electronic proof of delivery and bills of lading, through invoicing and payment, 48forty has your complete financial history for 2020 documented in PalTrax and it’s all available to you when you want it.

2) PalTrax makes it easy to drill down for details.

Finding financial details in mounds of paper is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Do you need totals on your company’s pallet purchases by week, month, quarter, or by location? You’ll find it in PalTrax. Need specifics on the number of Premium A versus A pallets purchased? PalTrax has that, too. Just want monthly billing history? Just a couple of clicks and it’s yours.

For those with multiple locations, you can get all kinds of location-specific details. If you sell cores to 48forty, your complete sales history is on PalTrax with all the detail you need on purchase dates, locations, the number of trailers, the number of pallets per load, how your pallets were graded, and ultimately how many were purchased by 48forty.

3) If you want your data in a specific format, no problem.

While PalTrax offers standard data formats and pre-built reports, you can also export your data to Excel and manipulate it as you like.

4) Like working after hours and on weekends and holidays?

So does PalTrax. All of your data is accessible online 24/7 so you can get your work done when it’s convenient for you. Plus, PalTrax is easy to navigate so searches are quick and to the point.

5) Away from your desk and remember a numerical nugget you need now?

No worries. PalTrax is mobile friendly. So even if you’re playing games with the family or putting up your tree and need data now, login into PalTrax with your mobile device and get what you need.

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