4 Benefits of Automation

Automation is transforming the pallet industry and is benefiting our team members, customers, and the environment. From shorter processing times to higher productivity, hear more from VP of Operations Transformation Greg Bowen.

Watch the video to learn more. Transcript follows below.

Automation benefits not only our employees but also our environment, customer base, and suppliers. Whether we're working with a provider, purchaser, or just our plant operations team, we're able to capture information that helps us make better management decisions for everyone.

How does automation build transparency with suppliers?

Through the automation and IT that we're bringing on board right now for pallet tracking, we're able to be transparent with our suppliers and customers. With computer-generated counts, they will be able to see every type of pallet that has been provided to us, in addition to the quantity that we have.

How does automation enhance the employee experience?

Automation is a vehicle that we can use to make us a better partner for our new potential employees, as well as our existing employees. Whenever a new employee comes into a plant that's not automated, the physical work is comparable to going to the gym for the first time. It takes a while to get into shape for that. Automation has helped us make our new employees successful, giving us the ability to retain them and cut down on turnover. Additionally, it enables us to open up this mostly young adult male industry to everyone.

Why should customers be excited about automation?

Through automation, we have a more efficient process of creating, tracking, and getting orders to our customers. Our return time from the moment that the order comes in, to the moment that the order can be at the facility, is sometimes down to an hour or two.

How does automation improve supply chain sustainability?

For every pallet that we take possession of from our suppliers, we find a way to be socially responsible. Whether it be cardboard, plastic, or even nails, we take ownership of how that product is disposed of and find a way to recycle it. We're about creating a better environment and being a better company that sets the standard in our industry.