3 Benefits of Choosing Wooden Pallets

See why wooden pallets are a top choice for companies looking to reduce costs, enhance operations, and minimize environmental impact.When it comes to your company's supply chain, the little things can often make a big difference. No matter your industry, pallets play an integral role in your business's success. Pallets are used every day to ensure that products are transported securely from one location to another. That’s why choosing the right type of pallet material is one of those little things that can make a big difference. Wooden pallets are a top choice for companies looking to minimize their environmental impact, reduce costs, and increase their logistical efficiency.

Environmental Gains

Studies show that at least 70% of a company’s environmental impact is associated with its supply chain activities. Using recycled wooden pallets presents a number of opportunities for companies to help reduce landfill waste and remove excess emissions from the atmosphere. 

On average, a wooden pallet can typically make anywhere from 10 to 20 trips during its lifespan. Some pallets might last longer, especially if they are well-maintained and used in less demanding environments. Others might become damaged or worn out sooner, particularly if they are subjected to harsh conditions or rough handling. Wooden pallets can be easily repaired to extend the life of the pallet and recycled components from unrepairable pallets can be used to build remanufactured custom-size pallets. 

Unlike other pallet types, wooden pallets can be repaired by replacing a broken stringer or deck board in between trips. This ensures that a pallet stays intact for multiple rounds of shipping. Additionally, companies can consider remanufactured (“reman”) wooden pallets that are custom-made from recycled materials to meet specific requirements. This sustainable solution reduces the need to use new lumber, leverages reusable components from pallets that are damaged beyond repair, and further extends the lifespan of the materials. Once a wooden pallet has reached its end of life as a pallet, it can be converted into other materials such as mulch, fuel, pet bedding, and more. Wooden pallets are a versatile and eco-friendly solution that can support your environmental priorities in a number of ways.

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Economic Advantages

In addition to the environmental benefits, choosing wooden pallets can also be good for your bottom line. Wooden pallets are often more cost-effective when compared to other pallet types, making them the more budget-friendly option by reducing upfront costs. For high-volume wooden pallet users, 48forty offers pallet buyback programs that can generate an additional revenue stream for a customer that is not seen with other pallet types. This means that, in addition to supplying wooden pallets, we also retrieve wooden pallets from our customers' locations.  As a result, businesses that use wooden pallets can redirect these savings to other areas of their operations.

Logistical Benefits

Wooden pallets also offer logistical benefits that can greatly enhance your operations.


Wooden pallets are versatile and compatible with most transportation equipment, making them a preferred choice for supply chains. They can be used with handling equipment such as forklifts and pallet jacks, which are commonly found in warehouses and distribution centers. Wooden pallets also come in both standard and custom sizes that allow for easy handling and loading onto transportation vehicles. The compatibility feature of wooden pallets allows for seamless integration with existing processes and reduces the need for additional equipment.

Stacking and Storage

Wooden pallets are designed for stacking and storage, which can help businesses utilize all of their available space and save money. Through pallet return and repair, you can ensure that your wooden pallets stay durable and are in the best condition possible for stacking and storing. This makes them ideal for transportation and storage of goods, ensuring that our customers' products remain secure throughout the supply chain.

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Delivery Times

When it comes to your business’ supply chain, reliable and timely delivery service is a necessity. When you work with 48forty, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the largest pallet management services company in North America. Our national network of over 258 facilities, 850 partners, and a private fleet of 8,300 trailers and tractors, means that you’ll have the right pallet, in the right place, at the right time.

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